Port Stephens Holiday with kids!

Do it the Port Stephens way! 

While you are here, really immerse yourself into our culture!

Explore. Play. Create. 

Get on board & join in! Check out our guide below.

How to live like a local & make the most of your holiday with kids while in Port Stephens!

Shopping Bags
1) Support local

In Port Stephens we proudly & passionately support our local small businesses. Pop into some of the small independent shops, cafes & restaurants, & try some of the amazing services Port Stephens has to offer!
These small businesses are the heart of our town, are operated by locals & are
a great way to experience Port Stephens culture firsthand.

Group of children collecting plastic on
2) Take 3 for the Sea

We respect & care greatly for our natural environment here in Port Stephens. Whenever out & about, we always try to minimise our waste (by using reusables) & take home more than what we brought with us.

The kids of the area can all tell you what ‘take 3 for the sea’ means – take home all of your
own rubbish & then find three more pieces laying around & take them with youtoo – for the sea!


Visit our unique play centre & experience the Port Stephens vibe first hand.

We have everything to ensure the whole family will enjoy their visit along with a very  chilled out vibe.

We are the ultimate pit stop to experience the 'explore, play, create' attitude!

Art & Craft.jpg
4) Ditch the Screens

On holidays it’s easy to resort to screen time when back at the accommodation between exploring & playing. Take on the artistic element of Port Stephens culture with one of our holiday accommodation art packs – this has heaps of art, craft & STEM activities to keep the kids in the Port Stephens ‘explore, play, create’ frame of mind.

Create a keepsake photo box a tornado experiment & so much more. It has everything you need for multiple screen free activities with plenty of resources to continue the artistic journey once at home! Best of all, it has been designed specifically to suit holiday accommodation.

Camp Fire
5) Enjoy a Date Night

This can be hard to organise when you have kids & find yourself in a new town, but this holiday why not make time for yourselves. Climb Mt Tomaree during the day to burn some energy & see the sights. Feed the kids a quick, easy & nourishing dinner (our spaghetti Bolognese is perfect!) & tuck them into their bed with a movie on the tablet. Once the kids have gone to bed have a late-night romantic dinner. Honey Mustard Chicken, Garlic Mash & Beans is a wholesome, simple yet satisfying dish with a touch of indulgence. Perfect match with a nice sauvignon blanc. All you need is an oven.

Rainbow Chime.jpg
6) Windy Days

Make the most of it!

Visit Spirited for a play session & create a holiday keepsake to take home by painting your own, sun-catcher wind-chime.

Everything you need is included to create your wind-chime to hang on your tent, caravan, or balcony & make the most of the wind.

Image by Paola Ocaranza
7) Watch the Whales

Watch the whales - Relax on your holiday head over to Boat Harbour & watch the whales play as they pass. Don't stress about cooking. The cold & wind will have you yearning for something hearty & wholesome. This isn't always easy & affordable while on holidays but, our popular slow cooked beef brisket & potato pie ticks all the boxes. All you will need is access to an oven (we've heard even a camp oven will do the trick).

The family will love it, and the only hard part is deciding what wine to go with it!

Image by Dan Burton
8) Spread Joy

Rock hiding/hunting is big with the kids in our area. You don't have to miss out because of a lack of simple supplies. Grab one of our plaster packs & get painting!

Encourage our children to spread happiness and positivity. Paint the plaster designs with the acrylic paint found in the kit and attach little notes of positivity to them, leave them at a local playground, park or even the beach for people to discover and take home while going about their day. If you're lucky, you may find one in return!

9) Use a Guide

Tomaree Coastal Adventures can offer you guided walks ‘off the
beaten track’. Learn new adventuring skills & find the best hidden sights in Port Stephens. 

Morning tea, lunch or afternoon tea are provided.

Thong tree.jpg
10) Find the Quirks

Take a walk from Roy Wood Reserve to Corlette Point Park around the headland (you will find a track). Jump off the track & explore the rocks & rock pools…also, can you spot the thong tree? Pack a lunch & enjoy the pirate ship part at Corlette Point.

If you like to feed the kids nourishing hot meals, grab one of our spaghetti Bolognese (packed with hidden veg) & ask us for some extra take away containers.

The BioPak containers are great to keep it warm from the start of your walk until you reach your destination.