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Celebrating 250+ FIVE STAR REVIEWS since 2018


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Membership FAQ's

Is it worth me getting a membership?

Membership is for our locals, who would benefit from becoming regular customers.

Membership keeps regular visits to a manageable & predictable cost, allowing you to enjoy the facilities offerings as a part of your regular routine.


- Reliable, free wifi

- Air conditioned

- Enclosed, clean play space

- Variety of lounging & seating arrangements for social catch ups, relaxation or work & study meetings & commitments 

- Maintained, purpose built play spaces designed by a trained professional to promote child development

Member reward points ensure that you often find a pleasant surprise at the counter with the offer of free coffee & food

How long does a membership last?

Membership is for a minimum of 6 months & will run until you decide to cancel

You will need to provide 4 weeks written notice to end the membership

Which membership suits me best?

Gold membership is fantastic for all locals who plan to use the space at least monthly - the savings multiply with every sibling added!

Platinum membership is for those who would like to enjoy the full spectrum of services we offer at Spirited.

Sensory playgroups are included with membership, as is a standard discount to all of our other services including adult workshops, school holidays & special events & parties.

A bonus cafe discount will be generated at the start of each month as an added reward for your loyalty

What are the member reward points for?

Member reward points can be spent at your own discretion to claim:

- Free coffee

- Free graze plates

- Free bowls of chips

- Free entry for a friend

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