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A Happier New Year?

Well it's a couple of days before the new year strikes & as the year wraps up, it's always a time for reflection.

I feel like this year has been a doozy! In a weird way though...

It hasn't been the fear inducing shake up of 2020, or the fed up feeling of 2021. It feels more like a wild roller coaster ride that has shaken every last ounce of emotional energy from body & left my eyelids in a constant half-closed state. I hope to reopen my eyes & track down my escaped energy in 2023. haha #hereshoping

Earlier in 2022 I took a course that had me up, with bout of food poisoning, writing an ebook until 11:30pm before waking again at 4:30am to finish it off. Have you ever written an ebook in 7 hours, in a hotel room whilst hugging a toilet & feeling slightly delirious? I have & I'm going to share it with you. Now. 7 months later. Maybe now the trauma has been processed & I'm finally ready to share? Either way, there is no point in letting all that work go to waste!

Actually, I bring it up & bring it to you because I was recently writing another ebook & I tracked my way back to this one. After having a read (it's a quick read) it got me thinking about how I would like my 2023 to unfold. I would love to work on bringing more playfulness into our home lives again after 2022 slowly wore down my resolve. It's something that needs constant re-visiting & focus & now, as we lay down some plans & ambitions for 2023, I think it's a great time to heed this reminder...that just so conveniently worked it's way back into my focus at the optimal time.

The book is actually (maybe surprisingly) filled with some really simple & useful tips to bring more playfulness into your family lives.

It starts by noting that

Play is a stress relieving, endorphin inducing good time.

Sign me up! I'm here for it.

I wish you all ultimate happiness, balance, health & joyful moments in 2023. I hope we can be a part of some of your wonderful memories again next year.

Keep reading below to get your copy of my ebook. I would love to hear what you think of it.

Peace, love & kindness to you all.

Kayla x

If you would like a copy of my ebook 5 Keys to Living a More Playful Family Life follow this link to download your copy

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