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Play Matters - Quick Bites

Play Matters is a quick snip for busy parents, to help you understand child development & why play is so important in your daily routine.


Developing Self - Identity

Development of a strong self identity or sense of self is an important aspect of child development to nurture. It affects the child's overall sense of wellbeing & connectedness.

To have a strong self identity is to know yourself well. How you 'tick'; what causes you stress & what brings you joy or calm; what kind of people are your crowd & who you should limit time with; what occupations bring you happiness & what burns you out.

Developing a strong sense of self identity is a lifelong process, however, childhood is a pivotal time to begin exploring who we are.

The better our sense of self identity, the more confidently we can navigate life's challenges & understand how to regulate our stress.

See the table below for tips on ways you can assist development of self-identity through play & ways that you can support development through role modeling behaviour

Developing through play

Role modeling

Role play games (picnics, tea parties, doctors, Mums & Dads, farms, etc)

Verbalising your thoughts to your child provides an example of natural thought patterns

Dress ups - using a variety of character outfits, regular oversized clothes & props

Verbalising your feelings will highlight that you feel anxious trying new things too, normalising this reaction

Access to lots of new experiences

Talking about when you were a child & some things you used to do

Repetition of familiar experiences - this helps to strengthen concepts & connections

Playing with new styles & approaches yourself

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If you would like an example of how we role model some of these behaviours in our house, check out our blog about teaching gratitude & resilience here.

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Have a wonderful day!

Kayla x

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