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Be kind, it's cool! We're in this together..

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

What's this all about then???

Today I'm featuring another one of our core values.

Our core values are the guidelines that we operate by. They hang directly in front of me as I work, and guide every decision that we make about, Spirited.

They are a bit of a 'quality assurance program' I guess you might say.

Today I'll break down SPIRITED'S CORE VALUE:

"To create & maintain an environment where equality prevails & everybody feels warmly welcomed & respected"

Everybody wants, needs and deserves a place where they belong; where they are free to be; where they are respected and appreciated for who they are, as they are, and in their current state of being.

We live in a diverse world, and as we grow in intelligence and make advancements in technology, science, medicine, psychology, awareness, and general being, we start to fine-tune our understanding. These advancements seem to highlight differences and showcase diversity, but also remind us how innately one and the same we are as humans.

With the rapid development of the human race, there is enough constant, unrelenting change to cause anyone anxiety...we all feel I right?

Sometimes this can cause people to put up barriers and fight back with ignorance or anger. At times we find opportunities to point out someone else's slip-up, and how they didn't manage for a fleeting moment, to hold up the ridiculously unachievable 'ideals' of the modern world. A place where apparently we 'know' so much about how to do things 'the right way'.

....and we are all guilty of this. I feel like it's a natural defence mechanism in a way. It helps us to feel like our load is a little lighter. It helps us to remind ourselves that not everyone is perfect. Unfortunately, we can put other people down in the process. Other people who are feeling just as drained and anxious about the pressures of life as you are... It's something we need to work to overcome and stay on top of, but by remaining aware and practicing kindness, we can do it.

Today's featured core value is there to remind us of this message EVERY DAY, in every decision we make. The foundations of Spirited Play Cafe will be built on this and our other core values, and will push us to develop a truly inclusive and kind environment, a little refuge, a safe haven for when the rapid changes of the world outside feel too much and we need a break!

Can you see it?

This value has been entwined in our development so far. Respect. Equality. Kindness.

When you see it, give us a little nod, let us know you're with us.

Peace out,


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