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What is a "growth mindset" and how can it operate as a core value?

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

You may have noticed we have published 'Our Core Values' on our Facebook page?

If not, pop over & check them out...we believe in transparency.

Couldn't be bothered?

Let us feature them for you one by one and help to explain.


"To operate with a growth mindset, seeking continuous improvement & development in accordance with our core values"

You may need to check out our other core values to fully understand this one...but let me explain why we have chosen this one to feature first.

A growth mindset is essentially a frame of mind that allows one to strive for continuous improvement; to see every "set-back", every source of input, and every "criticism" as potential to grow and improve; to see a problem from an alternate perspective that allows one to work towards a more well rounded solution; and to understand that there is ALWAYS room for improvement.

Featuring this core value first, helps to explain why we have been operating the social media pages in the way we have.

We are seeking your input.

We are striving to create avenues for you to offer opinions.

We want to know you 'ideal' scenarios.

We want your feedback.

Can we give you EVERYTHING you dream of, from the moment we open our doors? Nope!

(That whisky bar might be a while off, Chris)

However, we can and WILL take all of your suggestions on board, apply a 'growth mindset', and work to create the best centre to fulfil our community's needs and desires.

So, where to from here...

Easy! You keep being you; continue having your wonderful ideas and offering them to us; continue offering us your feedback; continue providing us with opportunities to exercise our GROWTH MINDSET!



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